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Jan G.H. Bakker

10 april 1951, Voorhout, the Netherlands


Editor Software section for the History of Computing Foundation

specialty: programming languages and datawarehousing


(nowadays I always add the "G.M."; Jan and Bakker are common names in the Netherlands; during my study in Delft there were 37 'Jan Bakker'-s at the university…).

I am almost 30 years working on computers (1974), starting on an IBM 1130 using 8K memory. I am now using a modern pc, that's having problems (one user!) using 512M memory. At the end of the 70-s we were running more then 600 people at a mainframe using 128M memory. No doubt, since the 1130 the progress in computing is hugh, but there are moments… ("Some progress is more progress then other …", like Orwell-s "Some pigs are more equal then others").





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