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Philip K. Katz

1963, city, USA
May 2000, Milwaukee, USA

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Philip K. Katz 1990

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PKZip, file compression

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Inventor of PKZIP later renamed in PKWare

This utility compressed and decompressed files to be sent over telephone lines to other computers. His utility saved quit a bit of time when sending compressed files over the line. An average datafiles became 50% and exe or com files became 25% smaller. In the days that computer users used 300 baud modems it meant a lower phone bill.

PKZip was a DOS utility but became only really a success when WinZip was published. The engine was the same but the gadgets (user interface) built around it made it very easy to use for almost every computer user.

Though seeing his invention as a run out of hand hobby he never got rich from his invention that, by the way,  he put in the shareware domain. Shareware meant you could use the program for a while and after that you had to register for a nominal fee. Mainly others made money out of selling the program in some way.

The brandname PKZip was somehow seized from him through some legal dispute and could no longer use de name PKZip, he then renamed it to PKWare.

Katz died after he was put out of his home because of drinking problems. He probably was already dying while still living in his home.






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