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Tim Paterson

1956, city, USA

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Tim Paterson

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Designed the original DOS for Personal Computers



Educated at the University of Washington, Paterson worked as a repair technician for a computer store in Seattle, Washington. After he graduated magna cum laude in June 1978, he went to work for Seattle Computer Products as a designer and engineer.

tim paterson
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A month later, Intel released the 8086 CPU, and Paterson went to work designing an S-100 8086 board, which went to market in November 1979. The only commercial software that existed for the board was a standalone version of Microsoft BASIC, and without a true operating system, sales were slow. Paterson began work on QDOS in April 1980 to fill that void. QDOS stands for Quick and Dirty Operating System. QDOS was approximately 4,000 lines of 8086 assembly code and highly compatible with the APIs of the popular CP/M operating system, and version 0.10 was complete by July 1980.
In December 1980 Microsoft bought a QDOS license. Paterson left SCP in April 1981 and worked for Microsoft from May 1981 to April 1982.
After a brief second stint with SCP, Paterson started his own company, Falcon Technology, which was bought by Microsoft in 1986. Paterson did a second stint with Microsoft from 1986-1988 and a third stint from 1990-1998. During his third stint at Microsoft, he worked on Visual Basic.
After leaving Microsoft a third time, Paterson founded another software development company, Paterson Technology.
He's a leading competitor on Comedy Central's highly rated "BattleBots" cable-television show, where he drives his heavyweight robot Hexidecimator in fight-to-the-death matches against other high-tech luminaries and everyday folk. Call it gladiators for geeks, or WWF meets MIT. Paterson and his team of other former and current Microsofties are in their element as they drive their beloved "Hexy D" into enemy robots named Shark Byte and Killerhurtz before thousands of screaming spectators".(2)
Paterson also races rally cars in the SCCA Pro Rally series.

Paterson is now living in Redmond off proceeds from the Microsoft stock options he received while working at the company from 1990 to 1998.



Graduated magna cum laude in June from the University of Washington, and went to work for Seattle Computer Products as a designer and engineer.


Paterson went to work for Microsoft, he worked on DOS and DOS 1.1.


Returned to Seattle Computer until 1983

1983 -1986

Left to start his own company, Falcon Technology.


Paterson sold the assets of Talcom Technology to Microsoft and went to work there.




He returns to Microsoft where he works on Visual Basic.


Founds another software development company, Paterson Technology


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