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Frequently Asked Questions THOCP

We regularly get questions about the following subjects (in alphabetic order)

All you want to know about us. What is this, who started it, and who contributed to this project.

Some people were asking who designed your buttons? The editor in chief did, unsatisfied with the available buttons on the internet. And of course his desire to have our own minimalistic buttons.

We have prepared a special page for you on how 2 cite us: how to cite us

We will respond within 3 days: mail us

What can or may you do with the information on our site, read this page on copyrights and copyrights on pictures and how we deal with that.(1)

Who wrote or contributed to the contents of this site.

  • Errors

You will make us very happy by mailing us on errors we have made, or anything you feel is not correct: mail us. Even typing or language (syntax) errors, please do.

How are we paying the bills?
We have some advertisers, we sell items in our e-shop, and we have a few sponsors. Just enough to pay for our hosting (somewhat less than 1Gb on line and 20Gb bandwidth per month) and buy some books for our library.
Help us by buying a Poster or CD, sponsor a page by advertising, or become a friend of the foundation.

Also see how to join us.

What is this glossary? See it as a dictionary. We have put this file on line to help you find items on our site which may not so easy to find.

You can help us in two ways:

by joining us as an editor or correspondent


help us financially - see Finance

What do we do and were do we stand for.

  • Merchandise, do we have that?

Yes we have two items in our E-shop you should have a look at:

a CD full of facts and of course our timelines, biographies, hardware profiles etc. etc.

And a 100x70 cm large poster with a full color history of computing timeline on it.

How to use the buttons on our pages.

  • Shop with us

Visit our shop to buy a CD or timeline of computing poster.

There are several reasons for this page.

  • We are aware that this site is used by many readers from all over the world who have English as their second language.
  • You might have searched for an item that is not exactly phrased or you do not exactly how to describe it.
  • Taking advantage of our search engine's reporting tool by finding typing errors and phrases that had no results.

So we placed a page called synonyms on our site to make it easier for you to find items back. This is an edited list and will be updated when time allows.

How can or may you use these pages.

No not at all, we feel we merely scratch the surface. But we have a dream!

However we do think our site is one of the most extended history of computing sites for free on the internet. Enjoy!



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