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During discussions while building this site the editors frequently asked themselves: "Yes, but what is the basis of this technology". To answer this they decided to create some pages that would explain the sciences that were the foundations of inventions and discoveries.

This section is gradually being build up, and will not be finished in several years to come.

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What will you find there?


pointer.gif (479 bytes)Information on mathematical principles used in the timeline and other section

pointer.gif (479 bytes)Basic explanations on principles to make things work as they do

pointer.gif (479 bytes)Physical principles and explanations on things we take for granted

pointer.gif (479 bytes)Chemical principles and how or what substances were needed to create computers

pointer.gif (479 bytes)All other scientific knowledge you might need to understand the principles of computing

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If you have any ideas on how to go ahead with this section please contact the editors



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