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15th century

The 15th century is an epoch of revival in Europe.

By the early 15th century people believed they were living in a new era -- the Renaissance. Not only did the Renaissance bring new, more naturalistic styles, but also increased patronage from private individuals, and new, secular subjects.

Pure science in mathematics, physics and chemistry did not take of, in the contrary. Anyone occupying him or herself with these sciences were regarded as whiches. And ran the risk of ending on a burn stake.

The arts in the contrary were safe to practice and much regarded as one of the prinicpal virtues. Thanks to that we have fantastic paintings and other museum pieces as well as monumental buildings, mostly in the form of churches and fortresses - it still is a dangerous time to live in.


In this century Cortez landed in Vera Cruz, the Portuguese were masters of the high seas. The tales of golden cities in South America are told and the Inquisition cost many innocent people their lives.

Together with the wide acceptance of the game of chances the probability theory is developed rapidly. It is this theory that further spurred the development of high level mathematics. From this point scientists will be needing high powered computing, in any form.


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