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We now arrive in the electronic era. Between the invention of the lamp and the development of the vacuum tube there is a world of difference. But in the era of industrial development every thing is going like lightning. New inventions are done every day.

Around this year Adolph Hitler starts the second world war terrorizing Europe and murdering people just because they were thought different.
The war ends by dropping atomic bombs on Nagasaki and Hiroshima (Japan)  by the Americans in 1946. Again murdering thousands of innocent citizens in two big atomic blasts.

But the war will have a big influence on developing computers. the need for faster computers is acute. Because the military wanted to decipher the enemies coded messages. Others wanted to calculate trajectories for their big gunshells and bombs. Looking just at the development of computers the war was a blessing in disguise.

Still a lot of inventions and advances in sciences were lost or invented more than once. The Germans had their "Informations Sperre" (information stop). The English had their silly secrecy act, and had their developments kept secret until the 1970's.
Because of the super fast developments in computing this secrecy is quite overdone, more over when the secrecy was lifted completely in 1994 it appeared that the technology was outdated for ten's of years. It is possibly the ignorance of the politicians and civil servants that kept the lock on this historically important knowledge unnecessary long. It was probably the reconstruction of the Colossus that got the material finally released before the "secrecy time" was up. 

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