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Thirteen million computers have found a new owner, each year 200 billion dollar is spent on the IT technology.

When you look at the processing power that all these machines posses it is the equivalent of a million people 24 hours a day using a 1000 kg of paper per second!

The miniaturization can be compared to write a bible on a nail head

In the USA computers do 100.000 transactions per person per second.

In average a name appears somewhere on a screen 35 times a day in the USA alone.


Discussion on the 640K limit

In the interest of objectivity there are a few points to discuss about this statement.

Did or did not Mr. Bill Gates say:

"640K ought to be enough for anybody."


So in this light it is easily to defend that "640K ought to be enough". That all of us proved to be wrong somewhere on the line of the IT trails leaves no discussion open. There were only a few visionaries (Nostradamus, Jules Verne, Vannevar Bush, Douglas Engelbart and a few others) who seemed to have had a connection with the future.

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