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Pipe line

by K.D. McIlroy, 1964


Note from the editor:

This article is part of a collection of articles because of its historic importance: this is the first time that piping in a software environment is spoken of.
It is assumed that this page is part of a larger memo. The foundation is not aware of its origins. Please mail us if you have more information


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Summary--what's most important

To put my strongest concerns in a nutshell :

1, We should have some ways of coupling programs like garden hose--screw in another segment when it becomes necessary to massage data in another way.
This is the way of IO also,

2, Our loader should be able to do link-loading end controlled establishment,

3, Our library filing scheme should allow for rather general indexing, responsibility, generations, data path switching,

4,   It should be possible to get private system components (all routines are sytem components) for buggering around with.

K. D. McI lroy
Oct. 11 1964


original scanned page, possibly the only page saved from the entire report

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