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Cornelis Robat

20 July 1952, Vlaardingen, the Netherlands

Editor in chief for the History of Computing Foundation

specialty: timeline


Cornelis Robat studied tropical agriculture and engineering. Early professional activities were: designing high pressure plastic injection moulds and was occupied with stock normalization. He learned programming on a Rank Xerox 650. And went on with studying at night college to get the grips on the theoretical site of his trade. After a short stance in the US, Mexico and the Caribbean, were he started doing IT consultancies, he returned to the Netherlands and founded RoInfo. Since 1989 he is the business owner of Robat in't Veld Formatie BV an IT consultancy specialized in software for insurance and financial institutions. RoInfo had two subsidiaries in Sri Lanka and Indonesia which were closed when the recession kicked in.
His personal recent assignments were (re)designing a knowledge site, migration of large computer centers for customer call centers of a large financial institution.

He writes columns and holds now and then lectures on the history of computing at various companies and colleges

Cornelis's business site: RoInfo

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