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Dr. An Wang

February 7, 1920, Shanghai, China
March 24, 1990, Boston, USA

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an wang
An Wang at age 68

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Principal papers
  Magnetic Core Memory,
pulse transfer controlling device
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  Core Memory



Invented Magnetic Core Memory, pulse transfer controlling device


An Wang emigrated from china in 1945. He became a US citizen in 1954. Founded Wang Labs with $15.000 in 1951

an wang
An Wang at age of 20

He married with Lorraine Wang in 1949

an wang
An Wang introduced his first computer product in 1949

an wang
An Wang with his wife in appr 1969


1948 PhD for applied physics Harvard University

1951 Founded Wang Labs

1955 Awarded patent for a pulse transfer controlling device that made the magnetic core possible, which he also invented

1965 Introduced LOCI the first calculator that produces a logarithm in one single keystroke

Honors and awards



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