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New York USA, 1929


IBM Company


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Major Achievements

1924 International Business Machines is formed, making clocks, typewriters and tabulators.
1952 IBM unveils its first computer.
1960s IBM develops the mainframe computer. Over the next two decades it dominates this market.
1970 The company is hit by anti-trust actions filed by the US Department of Justice. The lawsuits are eventually dropped in 1982
1981 IBM develops the IBM PC, with an operating system from Microsoft
1984 IBM becomes the most profitable company in the world
1986 The IBM PC begins to lose its market dominance to cheaper "clones".
1993 IBM stuns Wall Street by announcing heavy losses after failing to predict the decline in mainframes.
1993 Lou Gerstner, a former Wall Street banker, is brought in to head the company. He cuts jobs and starts IBM's shift to IT services.
1995 IBM expands, launching hostile bid for software company Lotus Development. The following year it buys Tivoli.

1997 IBM's Deep Blue chess computer beats world champion Garry Kasparov.
2002 Samuel Palmisano succeeds Mr Gerstner as chief executive.
2002 IBM buys PricewaterhouseCoopers Consulting.
2004 IBM sells its PC business to Chinese company Lenovo.





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