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Amstrad PPC640D

year, USA

under construction



papers & manuals




Amstrad was one of the first portables with IBM compatibility (XT)




  • 8088 CPU @ 4.77 MHz
  • 2 - 720K FDD
  • 640K RAM
  • LCD Screen with MGA/CGA video connector. Optional external monitor available gets DC power supply from computer. Or you can use a regular Mono or CGA monitor and control video mode with built in DIP switch.
  • 101 key keyboard
  • 2 Serial Ports
  • 1 Parallel Port
  • Real time clock
  • Uses 10 "C" batteries or 12 volt AC adapter
  • Internal 2400 baud Modem w/standard telephone connection.
  • Software supplied with computer: MS-DOS 3.3 w/special Amstrad functions CrossTalk Mirror 11
  • Weight with carrying case, manuals, power supply and OEM disks is 22 lbs.




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1 picture: Tom Cooper