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ASCI White

USA 2000

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IBM ASCI White at livermore laboratories

"ASCI White represents an important milestone in the development of computing technology, extending IBM's pioneering use of industry-standard building blocks to create supercomputers of immense power," said Surjit Chana, IBM vice president of high performance computing. "IBM will continue to push the boundaries of technology to provide businesses, government laboratories and universities with the power necessary to tackle the most difficult commercial and scientific computing challenges."



The peak performance of the computer is 12.3 teraflops. This means it is capable of computing 12.3 trillion operations per second. This extremely high performance is achieved through its massively parallel design. The processors used are IBM RS6000 SP Power3's which run at 375 MHz. There are 8,192 of these processors in the core compute system. The total amount of RAM is 6Tb. The system is housed in over two hundred cabinets and fills a large room with an area the size of two basket ball courts.

The computer runs IBM's AIX operating systems. User applications can be developed using the wide variety of languages including FORTRAN and C/C++.

Located in a classified area at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, ASCI White covers a space the size of two basketball courts and weighs 106 tons. It has more than 160 Tb of IBM TotalStorage 7133 Serial Disk System capacity, or enough to hold six times the entire book collection of the library of Congress.


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