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Burroughs Calculators

1949, USA

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William Burroughs

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Styled for today - and priced for today.
This smart new Burroughs for only... $125.
Your first glance will tell you that this Burroughs adding machine has style and class to lend a modern note to store or office. New square keys add sureness to the touch, wings to the fingers; the machine is pleasing in contour add color; the over-all appearance is an invitation to get work done.
Then look again...more closely... and note that this is no "cut-down" model but a full-size, full-value Burroughs with a totaling capacity of 939,993.99. It's tops for rugged durability and smooth operation. How much for this Burroughs beauty! Just $125*... two or three pennies a day spread over its long, useful life. You can buy it on easy terms, too-a small amount down, low monthly payments.
Other Burroughs adding machines styled for today and priced for today include models with electric operation, direct subtraction, various totaling capacities. Call the nearest Burroughs office. Ask your Burroughs representative for a demonstration.
Burroughs Adding Machine Co., Detroit 32, Mich.


Because it's built with a "memory," here's a calculator that does for you what a calculator should do. The all electric Burroughs Calculator with Memory Dials gives you instantaneous answers in one register, and automatically accumulates those answers in a second register (the Memory Dials) - for grand totals or net results. There's no rehandling of figures ...no chance for pencil and paper errors.

But that's not all. This new Burroughs calculator has the distinctive advantage of combining this answer - saving feature with the day in, day out advantages of a simplified, instant - action keyboard. The gadgets are gone! Every key is "live" and every key stroke counts.

Finally, this truly extraordinary calculator has a very ordinary price tag. It's as easy to buy as it is to operate - just call your Burroughs man. Or write to Burroughs Corporation, Detroit, Mich.



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1949 first issue



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