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IBM Deep Blue

USA, 1997

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In this year IBM releases this super computer tailored to beat a world champion chess player: Garry Kasparov. The machine performs at a trillion Flops. But many critics are saying that it has only beaten Kasparov by brute force and had little to do with AI. Fact is that it is the most powerfull computer for this year.



computer class: mainframe

architecture: parallel, based on SP2 technology

32 Power2 SC cpu's (135Mhz, 32 bit registers, RISC , 15 million transistors)

512 Chess processors

One Trillion (2) operations per second (500.000.000 for a high end PC 1999)

500 computation threads, 1.2 m2   foot print



1997 Deep Blue on line

1999 Deep Blue vs Garri Kasparov


Blue Gene



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