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HP 200 LX

USA 1998

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MS DOS 5.0 Pocket Quicken Lotus 1-2-3 release 2.4 cc:mail Remote Data communicatons Appointment Book Phone Book HP Financial Calculator Memo Editor with Outliner Notetaker Database Filer World Time and Stopwatch Application Manager System Macros Setup Utility


Designed for people who need to travel light ... who are on the job even when not at their desks .... and who perform best when they stay in touch. The HP Palmtop PC offers you the power to organise your time, money and information resources

  • Use PC power to organize your personal and business expenses on the go. Keep you on schedule with your appointments and to-do list. Stay in contact with a quick access phonebook or check world time to know when to call internationally. 
  • Compute the most sophisticated business calculations with a few simple keystrokes. 
  • Manage your information resources. Edit a quick memo, create your customized database or graph your latest sales figures in Lotus 1-2-3. Open built-in DOS applications with a single keystroke, or add your favorite DOS programs from your desktop PC. Use the built-in infrared interface for seamless access to all your desktop resources. Large external storage of up to 20MB flash cards available from HP.
  • Connect and stay in touch through devices such as wireless messaging receivers and tranceivers, and fax modems, and the built-in cc:Mail. 
  • You will stay in charge anytime, anywhere .... with the most complete personal information management. 

16 x 8.64 x 2.54cm (6.3 x 3.4 x 1in)

Weight: 312g (11oz) with batteries
Part No.:

200LX (2-MB) F1061A
200LX (4-MB) F1216A

Memory 3 MB ROM 2 MB RAM (HP F1061A), 4 MB RAM (HP F1216A) PCMCIA version 2.0 card slot Read and write to flash disk cards
Central Processing Unit (CPU)

IBM PC architecture
Intel 80 C186 CPU running at 7.91 Mhz


CGA-compatible FTN liquid crystal
80 columns by 25 rows, 640 x 200 pixels
Zoom options

Keyboard layout Familiar QWERTY layout Separate numeric keypad 10 function keys 8 software application access key
input output

Built-in 9 wire serial interface for connection to RS-232 devices

Built-in infrared transmitter/receiver up to 115K bps for HP 200 LX to HP 200 LX and other wireless communications.

Built-in printer driver supporting these serial printer types:HP Laserjet, Epson FX-80, IBM ProPrinter

PCMCIA version 2.0 plug in card slot for running PC software and expanding I/O memory: optional disk card available

Optional HP F1021 B Connectivity Pack for file transfers between an HP 200 LX and a DOS compatible PC

power Two 1.5V AA main batteries One 3V CR2032 coin cell backup battery Optional 1.5V AA rechargeable batteries Optional adapter: HP F1011 A available in worldwide configurations for powering unit and recharging Ni Cd batteries
environment Operating temperature 0 to 40C (32 to 104F) Storage temperature 0 to 60C (32 to 140F) Humidity :90% relative humidity 40C (104F ) maximum