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Radio Shack (Tandy)
TRS-80 Model 100

USA 1984

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Thiscomputer can be considered the forerunner of today's laptop computers. It's simple compared to "modern" laptops but contains many features that make it a very useful machine.

The Tandy 100 features

  • a basic word processor/text manipulator,
  • scheduler,
  • "address book",
  • and telecomms package in ROM
  • as well as a full featured BASIC.

. In addition, there is a capability to load (and write, if one has the proper software) machine language code for native execution. It'll also run for about twenty hours on 4 "AA" batteries.

As delivered from the manufacturer (Kyocera), the system came complete with a built-in modem of 300 bps speed, either connectable via acoustic coupler or direct telco means, and a cassette- recorder interface. A bar code reader port is standard as well, though software to drive same is absent in the stock machine.

Perhaps less well known is the fact that the Tandy Model 100 shares a kindred link with the Mars Pathfinder probe's Sojourner rover - the 80C85 microprocessor!

If you have more questions about the Tandy Model 100 (or its brethren) give Andy Diller's site a peek. He's got some good information about these machines.



The basic machine is based around a CMOS variant of the Intel 8085 microprocessor supporting an eight bit wide word and a 64 kb address space. As in the ISC 8001 half of the 64 kb memory space is reserved for ROM space, the other half for RAM. BASIC, the "schedule", "address", and telecomms programs are resident in ROM. An option for an additional bank-switched ROM chip is also offered.


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