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Texas Intruments TI-83 Calculator

USA 1999


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High contrast display

New technology makes the screen easier to read.

Graph styles

Choose from normal, thick, dotted, and many other graph styles.

TI-82 features

Allow you to use the TI-83 side-by-side with the TI-82. TI-82 users will find TI-83 menus instantly familiar and easy to use.

Complex numbers

See operations performed in rectangular or polar format.

Regression analysis
All the TI-82 analysis features with the addition of sine and logistic regressions.

Includes keystroke programming commands for conditional tests, jumping, and loops. Assembly language programming capabilities.

Four plot types including scatter, box-and-whisker, xy-line, histogram, and normal probability plots.

Input/Output port
Allows linking with TI-83s, TI-82s, CBLs™, CBRs™, and computers.

Graphical analysis
See the equation, graph, and coordinates all at the same time. Jump directly to points just by entering a number.

Equation Solver
Solve equations interactively for different variables. Great for "what ifs."

Store and analyze up to 10 matrices, size limited only by available memory.

Define, save, and graph up to 10 rectangular, 6 parametric, and 6 polar functions, in addition to 2 recursively-defined sequences.

Advanced statistics
Includes hypothesis testing and confidence intervals. View results graphically or numerically. Calculate probability values for Normal, Student-t, Binomial, Poisson, and many other probability distributions.

Pull-down menus allow easy access to functions without cluttering the keyboard.

View and evaluate function variables in numeric table format.

Split screen
View 2 desired screens at the same time. Zoom, trace, and graphical analysis are available in split-screen mode.

Data lists
Store data in lists containing up to 999 elements per list. Great for storing and manipulating real-world data collected with the CBL or CBR System.



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