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Texas Instruments TI 92 Calculator

USA 1997


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Familiar operation keys
Similar operation to other popular TI graphing calculators.

Function keys
Easy access to functions from the toolbar’s pull-down menu.

Link port
Allows linking between TI-92s, CBLs™, CBRs™, and a computer.

High-resolution display
128 x 240 pixels. Allows viewing information with a wide variety of split-screen options.

8-direction cursor
Move up, down, right, left, even diagonally within the display.

Built-in applications
Geometry, Text editor, Matrix calculations, Statistics, Programming.

Catalog of built-in commands
Provides syntax listings for every command and function.

ViewScreen™ Connector
All TI-92s sold in the U.S. have a ViewScreen connector.

Pretty Print
Mathematical expressions appear on the display just as they are written on the board or in textbooks.

Text editor
Store and retrieve information. Computer-like features: QWERTY keyboard with CUT, COPY, PASTE, and FIND.

Custom menus, dialog boxes, and pop-up windows provide complete control of the graphical interface. User-defined functions extend and enhance built-in functionality.

Two graphs
Same or different types of graphs can be viewed at the same time. Each graph has an independent set of window variables.

3D surface plots
Are available as either wire frame or hidden surface. The window editor controls both the viewing cube and "eye" perspective.

Split screens
Allow the viewing of any two applications simultaneously. Tables are available in function, parametric, polar, and sequence modes.

Geometric constructions
Can be built interactively with points, lines, polygons, circles, and other basic geometric objects.

Prior entries
Can be retrieved from active home history screen. Make changes and enter again to get new results. Great for exploring patterns and "what ifs." Pretty Print provides good readability.



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1997 first issue



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