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The impact on society of the binary computer

John Vincent Atanasoff

Inventor of the electronic computer

In any scienctific field, there needs to be a person with the vision to define the future. John Vincent Atanasoff was a genius with such a vision. He developed the first electronic digital computer that has dramatically changed our lives. John Vincent Atanasoff gave birth to the field of electronic computing. In doing so, he also gave birth to a new era, an era of computers.

Today, the computer is an essential part of every person as well as every business. We cannot imagine our lives without a computer being involved. Turning on the TV, making a telephone call, and typing up a report all involves the use of a computer. The invention of the computer meant that technology could improve at a faster rate and our lives became more convenient and more safe.

Take for instance the use of computers in our cars. Anti-lock brakes, air bags, and fuel injections are all controlled by a computer. These advancements make the car safer and more reliable. Computers can also be found in banks, schools, airplanes, businesses, space shuttles, satellites, and numerous other things. In today's society, almost everything involves the use of a computer.

One of the best examples how fast computers are changing our way of live is found in the development of playing games on your computer or via internet. Apart from MUD, character playing, SIMS and kill anything that moves. Another popular genre is gaming to win real money: card games. A good example of this genre is poker. Playing poker on the internet has evolved much like the modern computer. Originally, the only way to play online poker (2) was to play a text only version on mIRC. Over time, graphical interfaces were developed where you could see cards and possibly a pseudo poker table. In recent years, graphics have allowed for avatars, pictures, and even interactive characters, making the poker experience more realistic.

The electronic age is the direct result of the invention of the computer. Never before in the history of humanity has there been an invention that grown so quickly as the computer has. Within the last twenty years, the speed and power of the computer has grown at an exponential rate.

When John Vincent Atanasoff invented the computer, he probably did not know how much of an impact it would have on people's lives. Computers will be involved in every aspect of technology, and it will continue to be a part of technologies to come. The capabilities of computers are advancing every day. Soon, a computer will become more like the human brain than an electronic machine. Computers will take us to Mars, and get us back safely. Computers will always be on the edge of technology and anyone that learns to harness its power will be an important part of the future. Every aspect of our lives has changed because on the computer and its inventor, John Vincent Atanasoff.

Around the 90's much controverse will arise about whom exactly invented the electronical digital computer. At an USA court a judge will decide in Atanasoff's favour.

John Vincent Atanasoff died 15 June 1995.





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