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This is used for changing data so that it cannot be recognised let alone decoded except by the authorised receiver. It is carried out before the transmission of data and is also used to hide passwords within computer software or files on data carriers


Decryption is used not for changing the data into unreadable code but to decode the data back so it becomes readable by the authorised receiver.


This is the science that uses technology to make infomation unreadable for those whom the information is not intended for.

Cryptography uses simple replacement of elements by other elements or symbols in the information to large mathmatic equations to protect the users data.  Modern algorithms are based on such complicated structures that computers will take years to work out the key to decrypt the users data.  But in principle there is no such thing as unbreakable codes.

Place to visit:

NSA Cryptology Museum look at: www.nsa.gov/museum/museu00009.cfm


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