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Who is Who at the HoCF

Who is the author of this site? Though one single person started this project, since a few years it is the work of a steady growing group of editors and correspondents. if you want to joins us please email email us

The following persons have contributed to the creation of this site and are responsible for the maintenance of this site.

Our Editors (1)

Cornelis Robat Editor in chief, editor for the Timeline
Cornelis Robat (principal editor),Carla de Brouwer (layout editor), Tim Vick (proofreading) Editors biographies
Raoul Meuldijk Proofreads all we write
Jan Willem Jekel Art Editor
Ted Stahl Games Section
Kamil Klimkiewicz CMS, country section
Marek Pampuch Timelines, reference section
Yves Remy CMS, French site
Paco Renterio Design, Spanish site
All, Vacancy Hardware
All, Vacancy Companies
Fred J. van Hanswijk Pennink editor NCR Page


Jan G.M. Bakker (retired)

Software section


Contributors (1)

Nico Baaijens for his corrections and generation method
Sjef van Egmont for his editorial: The number
Fred Hahn for his corrections and other additions
Bart Samwel for his critical reading and supplement of the Sinclair ZX family
Steven Weynrich Apple II history
Your Name Your contribution


Board of Directors

Fannie A. de Boer Chairperson
Jan Willem Jekel Secretary
Cornelis Robat Treasurer
Rene Hartman member of the board
Raoul Meuldijk member of the board




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