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Friends of the History of Computing  Foundation


The History of Computing Foundation (tHoCF) is dedicated to the history of computing in the widest meaning of the word. In addition to publishing the material to the Internet, the tHoCF also publishes their material on a CD that can be ordered via email or e-shop 

The HoCF does not maintain a physical collection for this there are many fine museums and other institutions, however there is an intensive collaboration with the Dutch Computer Museum.


Support Collections

tHoCF's collection of historical documentation provides the raw material of future history. It is used by students, historians and museums around the world.

Your donation will help us preserve the records of the ever-growing repository of information of interest to business historians, historians of science and technology, and other students of the information age.


Support Publication

The HoCF publishes a CD and other informative material that helps document the history of information processing.

The HoCF Website also provides information about current computing activities in the field, bibliographies, and information on current trends in gaming, quantum computing, mainframe developments etc. As well as we point students and reporters or authors to the right direction to find material for their papers, articles and books.


Become a Friend

You can join others who make an important contribution to the HoCF activities by enrolling in one of the categories listed below.

Your support can make an important contribution to the understanding of a dynamic field whose history needs to be captured before it is lost. Please join our Friends today.

All Friends receive the annually published CD, and the tHoCF tri annual Newsletter. In addition, based upon the level of contribution, Friends receive free publications as noted below.


Memberships Friends of the History of Computing Foundation

We have meant to pull Euro's and Dollars on a one to one exchange to avoid things like exchange rates, please multiply your donation with the current exchange rates for Euro to Dollar or any other currency.



  • Platinum
    • Euro/$ 25,000--Receives 15 books(*) from our library service plus annually our CD
  • Gold
    • Euro/$ 10,000--Receives 15 books(*) from our library service plus annually our CD


  • Silver
    • Euro/$2,000--Receives 6 books(*) from our library service plus annual CD
  • Bronze
    • Euro/$1,000--Receives 4 books(*) from our library service plus annual CD
  • Sponsor
    • Euro/$500--Receives 2 books(*) from our library service plus annual CD
  • Associate
    • Euro/$250--Receives 1 book(*) from our library service plus annual CD
  • Friend
    • Euro/$100 --Receives our annual CD


(*)Please be aware that books are distributed on the basis of availability - books can be out of print on which we have no influence. We will supplement the list with an equivalent title if you have not indicated alternative titles.
See our library page to browse through the selection of books related to the subject of history of computing.

You may of course supply a list of books of your own choice, please add extra titles in case books are sold out or unavailable. In that case we can supplement your package with alternative titles of your choice.


if you have any questions about becoming a Friend of the Foundation


Make checks payable to the History of Computing Foundation and mail to:

Stichting History of Computing
Pippelinghof 14
4021VD Maurik
the Netherlands

You may want to wire or transfer your contribution directly to our bank account:

Bank Rabobank
Accountnumber 3479.05.021
Name of account Stichting History of Computing
City Maurik
Country the Netherlands
IBAN number NL37 RABO 03479050 21

For international transfers you'll need the IBAN number(1)

Indicate on your wire that all costs are paid by the recipient

You may also transfer any amount directly to our Paypal account:

Paying your donation just has become easier.

Donate any amount larger then 10 Euro via PayPal and we will send you our CD and fulfill the type of membership closest to the amount you transferred.

Name of account treasurer@thocp.net

Or go to our E-shop and order the History of Computing CD there


Note: All amounts are in Euro's

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