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 for bibliographies
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Also read our page about us with more useful info.


Bibliographic citation

 To cite The History of Computing Project, we suggest the following bibliographic format,

The History of Computing Project (www.thocp.net)

Please read our page on how to use our material before republishing.

Examples of bibliographic information:

"Timeline Video Games",The History of Computing Project (accessed DD/MM/YYYY), Ted Stahl (ed.), URL = http://www.thocp.net/software/games/games.htm

"Timeline History of Computing",The History of Computing Project (accessed DD/MM/YYYY), Cornelis Robat (ed.), URL = http://www.thocp.net/timeline/timeline.htm

The above citation is only an example. Replace DD/MM/YYYY with the date you accessed that particular page or object: picture, page etc. To get the most current citation information on any page please use your browsers' properties of that particular page or object.

Parenthetical citation: (The History of Computing Foundation, <url> & <date accessed>)

You may find the following facts helpful if you require other kinds of bibliographic information:

When there is no specific name of an editor we prefer using: "the History of Computing Project" as being the writer of that article. In case you can not use that in your bibliographic format please use the name of the principal editor as mentioned above.


Webpage and usage for republishing

You may use our material freely under the Open Contents License. We prefer you to use the parenthetical citation: (The History of Computing Foundation, <url> & <date accessed>) or use the footnote and anchor instances to comply to the OCL.

How to use an anchor?

Text example: "test your footnote (5)"

Use the following html code <p>test your footnote <a href="#5">(5)</a></p>

And in the footnote section (bottom of page): <a name="5"></a>5 "url" "date accessed"

In our timeline and other pages there are ample examples of how to do this. Just copy and paste will suffice.

Works Cited:  Author(s). "Title of Article."  Date retrieved <URL>.

When author is given:
Birch, Dave; "Tallys and Technologies, Monetary innovation goes back a long way" THOCP  27 April 2006. <http://www.thocp.net/timeline/papers/tallies.pdf>.

When no author is given:
The History of Computing Project; THoCP "Timeline of Computing " 25 April 2006. <http://www.thocp.net/timeline/2005.htm>


 If you republish a picture from our site please use the folowing citation

courtesy: The History of Computing Project <date accessed>

use the following html code

courtesy: <a href="http://www.thocp.net" target="_blank">The History of Computing Project</a> <YYMMDD>

 Please do not leech, deeplink or use our bandwidth, we need the bandwitdh for our readers. Download the material you need to your own webserver and pay for the bandwidth yourself. Or pay a donation to our foundation then we honestly don't mind. (see sponsors or friends of the foundation)


 If you have any further questions, you may write to:

The History of Computing Project
The History of Computing Foundation
4021 VD 14 , Netherlands

or email:



 A short description to tell your readers what this project is about:

This site is dedicated to the History of Computing in the broadest sense of the word. And is maintained by the History of Computing Foundation in a world wide collaborative effort to register the entire history of computing. There are now 14 people participating in this project, living in Mexico, France, Poland, USA, and the Netherlands.

The contents of the site consists of 7 sections:

If you look at the history like a carpet that is woven in time, and there is a supporting red thread, then in this project it is the timeline as a red thread that takes you on a journey through history. The first chapter starts with the big bang (millions and millions of years ago) and the last chapter deals with quantum computing and the newest gadgets that are promising to make history. Within the timeline there are many links toward computer pioneers, companies that have set the stage, and many references to internal or external pages. Each page is annotated with sources and references.



More about the contents of this site just go to our main page and follow the links.

More about the project how it started and what our mission is.


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