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On this section:

In as far as there are no separate biographical pages the active links will put you towards the reference in the Timeline.

When there are entries in the biographies list that have no active link they serve for reference only and will be processed in the future.

All biographies are in alphabetical order. Due to the length of the index we have spliced the list into two parts. Use the index image (alphabet) to navigate between the two parts.

Many readers ask us why is Mr. or Mrs. XYZ not in the list.

For this reason we have created some criteria:

  • Did XYZ made a indisputable impact on the development of computing?
  • Was XYZ's contribution of importance for inventions to further develop computing
  • Was without XYZ's contribution or development of sciences computing not where it is today
  • Was XYZ's contribution in some way attributable to the development of computing
  • Also the inventor or developer should be the first to have developed or invented this particular contribution

If one of the questions is yes than XYZ's name should be in the list.

With development of computing we mean: a significant development or mile stone product. Like the invention of Logarithm, the invention of the Transistor, the development of methods to come to bug free software, the creation of C, Unix etc etc.

If you do not find a particular biography in this list please use the search button. If the information is still not found please send the editors an e-mail detailing what you should have found, or why you think this name must be in the list.

The editors

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