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What readers say about the History of Computing Project

"... Your site is one of the most complete and "easy to read/understand" that I have found. Thank you for sharing all of this wonderful knowledge!..."

"…thanks you saved my semester… "

"The site has been extremely helpful for my thesis..."

"I will recommend your site in our reader for students…"

"...a very good site, especially for young students looking for information on the history of computing. "

"...Never seen so a extended site about the history of computers! Great site !"

"ur web page helped me alot wiv ma homework jus wna say thnks wiv out ur web pasge i wud of got tld off for not having done my hwk which was to research on opering systems! " Azeemkay




by: Humbul Humanities Hub


This web site provides a history of computing, with sections devoted to software, hardware, computer companies, and influential individuals. There is also a timeline and a general reference section.
The site is extensive, although it does not make any claims to offer a comprehensive history of computing. It is maintained by enthusiasts, and mostly written in a style better suited to the general public than a scholarly audience.
The software, hardware, computer companies, and biographical sections each offer alphabetical lists linking to brief accounts of relevant subjects, usually with illustrations. The timelines and chronologies are detailed, if a little enthusiastic in their divisions of computing history into periods with names such as 'antiquity' and 'industrial era'.
The reference section actually contains more of interest than might be anticipated, with essays on subjects such as the history of computer viruses, robotics, hacking, and binary computers.
The site includes a search engine, and features a good annotated list of links to museums with collections of interest to historians of computing.


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