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THOCP survey

To help us to improve on our site's content, language and navigation we would like to get your opinion.

Our site is used by students, interested readers and professionals alike from all over the world. The content should therefore be clear, easy to read and accessible to everyone (worldwide).
The site's team is an assembly of some 20 persons from different countries and continents, therefore the site's language is not always US/UK English and on purpose not academic (scholarly).

Please copy and paste the following questions into your email editor and mail us at

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In your opinion the navigation on the site is:

- Unintelligible
- Difficult to use
- Needs improvement
- Fulfils my need
- Good
- Perfect



Did you find the information you were looking for?

         - Yes, straight away
         - Yes, but over 2 clicks
         - Yes, after using the search engine
         - No, even after using the search engine
         - No, the information provided was not relevant
         - No, not at all

                   (suggest your topic)

Did you expect to find information on a page but:

- Thought: logically it should be there
                   (please enter topic & url)
- Were not finding it elsewhere on the site
- Were not referred to the cross reference pages (glossary or synonyms)
- Were not referred to other pages outside THOCP
- Gave up and went to Google or Yahoo instead
                   (please enter topic & url)
                   (please enter search engine used)


General questions

Did you find the site useful for your studies or assignment?

- Excellent    
- Yes
- Somewhat
- No


What was the purpose for visiting our site?




Is the language used on the site's pages concerning readability...

       - awkward
       - too simple
       - adequate
       - could be better
       - just fine
       - excellent


Are the pages too wordy?

       - yes
       - just about right
       - no
       - not at all

Are the illustrations used

       - too few
                  (missing any?)
       - adequate
                  (missing any?)
       - too many
                 (to leave out ...)
       - overwhelming


If you would rate our site from  to      you would give it:

1, 2, 3, 4, 5 stars



Do you have any suggestions how we could better meet your needs?





Suggest any additional questions you would like to have in this questionnaire








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