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Advertising on our site.

Though we are a non profit organization, advertising wil help us to keep the contents free to all.
If you have any questions not answered below please email our Treasurer for further info.


Pricing scheme

  • A standard add on a non top 20 page (out of ++800) will cost you 15 Euro / month.
  • The top 20 pages are open for negotiations.
  • An ad on our main page will cost you 150 / month. (graphs possible)
  • We take contracts for 3, 6, 9 and 12 months.
  • You will be contacted when this period ends to either change your add and/or extend your advertisement period. There is a grace period of 14 days due to administration and editing time we need to comply to your whishes. No reaction from your side results in removing the advertisement without further notice.
  • If your business is inside the EU we have to ask you to add 19% VAT as well; you are dealing with The History of Computing Foundation based in the Netherlands.
  • Do we refund? No, once the add is placed the deal is concluded.
  • Hosting graphics? Please add 10 Euro per advertisement.
  • Paying: either via PayPal or transfer to our banking account. Please inquire.


  • If you have a special page you want to have displayed apart from the add on one of our pages, please send us the link.
  • We will not host that page unless you are willing to pay an additional fee.
  • Can we do (the) artwork? Yes we can.
    We have gained a lot of experience doing that while building our site. Additional fees apply.
  • Do we allow to have you point to other url's than your own site or your customer's? No we don't unless it is a non profit or educational institution or you are willing to add an additional fee of 5 Euro per link.
  • If you have your own artwork please mind the maximum size of 350 by 150 pix for logo's or buttons; the text area should be about the same as displayed on other pages with adds.
  • We accept larger adds as long as it does not disrupt the contents, different pricing will apply.
  • Yes you can have a link or button on our main page please contact the treasurer for information and conditions.
  • Yes you can buy additional space on one of our pages.
  • If you have any additional wishes please contact our treasurer; different conditions may apply.
  • We allow anything that makes one laugh or peeks one's interest. But it is to our discretion to place the add or not.
  • We'd like to keep the adds non provocative to other cultures and treat our readers with respect please help us in doing so. Linking to other pages that does not express that respect will result in removing that link from our page. There will be no refunding.

Conditions may change without prior notice


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last update: November 3, 2010