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Starting with some dozen of transistors mounted on a silicon wafer, during this period some millions will be placed on one single chip on a wafer.(1) One section of such a wafer is called a CHIP. Single element can not be seen with the naked eye any more, they are microscopic small. Transistors and connections between them are no longer "soldered", the scale we are talking makes that impossible. They are now made by special photographic and chemical processes. The advantage of this technique is that these IC's can be made in large masses. That in turn makes them a lot cheaper. What will make computers cheaper so they can finally be bought by a larger consumer group. Besides chips do use far less energy that the old type of transistors and will run around 3765 years (if one should believe that/ An estimate of course but according on calculations based on the ratio of  metal fatigue, corrosion and other factors playing a role in the deterioration of such type of transistors

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